Have You Adequately Prepared to Take an Exam?

Do you think you’re ready to take an exam?

Have you adequately prepared?

Frankly, each time I took an exam, I always had those nagging doubts (fears!) that I wasn’t ready and would fail. It doesn’t help that I have talked to so many people that were sure they were ready and then FLUNKED it, big time!

My advice; don’t take these exams lightly. You must be pretty familiar with the subject matter or else there would be a lot more people with the designation “APA”!

Here’s a little checklist to help you decide if you are ready to take any one exam:

  • Have you read all the assigned reading?
  • Are you familiar with all the material in O’Byrne’s study guides and can keep them all in context with the related reading assignments?
  • Do you understand about 80% of the subject material thoroughly? ( Note: I maintain that Pareto’s law holds (the 80-20 rule), i.e., 80% of your study time is efficient learning, the remaining 20% of your time spent is wasted struggling with a particular issue, don’t get bogged down, keep moving along).
  • Have you memorized those things you think may have to be memorized (especially the Managerial & Economics exam)?
  • If you kept track of study time, are the study hours reasonable compared to the norm on other exams?
  • Review the blog “How to Study for an Exam“.

The subject matters listed below are a compilation of subjects we think are most likely to appear on the exams and are a mix of subjects that we have either actually encountered on a test or we feel sure will appear on somebody’s test, sooner or later. If you are familiar with the issues associated with each of these subjects, then you are also likely familiar with subjects from the assigned reading that does not appear on these lists and you can be confident that you have adequately prepared!
Remember, these subjects listed are not all-inclusive! There are many more subjects that will likely appear on your test that are not listed. If you compare the list of subjects with O’Byrne’s Study Guides, it’s apparent that anything in the study guides will sooner or later appear on someone’s exam.

Short of a three hundred question sample test, I can’t think of any better way of giving you a comfort level that you have adequately prepared.

Click on the link for the exam you are taking below and review the list of subjects. Good luck!


Financial Reporting


Joint Interest




Management Accounting and Economic Analysis