The Exam Forums Are Open!

Finally! At any one point in time there are a couple of hundred people (at least) studying to take one of the APA® exams. We’re spread all over the county, hardly anyone knows anyone else, and with the exception of the study guides and blog posts on this website, there’s not much direction or help.

Let’s help ourselves!  Got a question?  Post it.  Got a complaint? Post it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The only ground rules are:

  1. Be nice!
  2. No fair sharing actual test questions or cheating!

Remember, the most knowledgeable person in Financial Reporting does not have a clue about some of the Revenue stuff you guy’s answer off the top of your head! And vice-versa!  No one is an expert at any more than two of the subjects covered on these exams. THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS!

Not only ask questions, try to help some struggling folks by answering (or just suggesting where to go) in the Forum subjects you are most familiar with.

For now, the forums are open to anyone but if you are going to ask a question or answer, you must login.

Come on!  Join in! Be famous!