Has anyone taken the Managerial & Econ. exam?

Important Information: Forums Managerial and Economic Analysis Forum Has anyone taken the Managerial & Econ. exam?

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    I’m wondering if anyone has taken this Exam? Did you pass?
    How many hours did you study? Did you use the Study guides on this site?

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    I just took Managerial today. I only used your study guides and made flashcards for the formulas. I’m not sure how many hours I studied but really it was just reading the study guides a few times and then going over the flashcards until I was comfortable with the formulas. I ended up getting a 90% on the test so your study guides are great!

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    Geeez! If I stay in the workforce a few more years I’ll be calling you “Sir”. Remember us little guys! Good job!

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    I passed the Managerial Exam with an 87.5% in December 2015. I used a combination of your study guide, the COPAS Reference DVD, the COPAS Managerial Study Guide, and finally the COPAS Managerial Workbook (which I believe was discontinued about 20 years ago). Overall, the exam was manageable, and the only hole that I could see in all of the materials was the treatment of injection & disposal wells when arriving at calculations on a per well basis. I went ahead and made a donation for your help in passing the exam. Thank you for your help, TEO! (6 down, 2 to go!!)

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