Has anyone taken the Law exam?

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    I’m wondering if anyone has taken this Exam? Did you pass?
    How many hours did you study? Did you use the Study guides on this site?

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    I took the exam today and passed. I was studying for the last two weeks reading the Oil and Gas Law book. For the Business Law portion I just refreshed the material that was covered in my Business Law class last semester.

    The study guide helped to organize and structure the information after reading the book, and the “What’s on the Law exam” section covered a lot of the topics that were on the exam.

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    Matt, you again? How do you do these exams so fast! If you’re going on, I expect your next one (or you are presently studying for) Financial Reporting. Financial Reporting was the first exam I took and, probably the worst study guide I wrote. If you are using it, critical comments would be appreciated. I plan on it being my first update!
    Thanks for starting the conversation buddy!

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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for opening those forums; it’s great to have a place where we can ask questions and exchange information.

    Yes, I’m planning on taking the Financial Reporting and Managerial Accounting exams early next year. I am going to graduate in May and want to have the Associate APA for my applications.

    I will try and help with the study guide; not sure yet how to best approach the material.

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    I just wanted to say that I took (and passed!) the Law module exam yesterday (1/15/14). I found the Law study notes from Tom very helpful in my studying. I would agree that one should study the Business Law book first to get a better basis for general legal issues before moving to the Oil & Gas law book. I read the 2 books, kept the study notes handy if I needed a better understanding while reading and ultimately circled back to Tom’s study notes for my final refresher when studying.

    I found the “What’s on the Law Exam” page on this site pretty accurate as to what I was tested over. (So Thank you very much Tom for what you have done here!!!)

    I had ~40 hours of studying in preparation for this exam, but I have had exposure to some of this information in jobs I have held. Overall, I thought this test wasn’t terribly difficult. I’d argue that a couple of the questions I had weren’t worded the best way possible and open to confusion or the chance of 2 answers being correct.

    Good luck to those who plan to take it in the future!

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    I took the Law module at the beginning of July and passed. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the Business Law book. I spent most of my time on the Oil & Gas book. I found the study guides to be very helpful. I also wrote out some of my own notes for the more detailed material. I also focused a lot on the sample test questions in the “are you ready to take the test” section. The sample questions were very helpful and representative of what was on my test!

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    You should take a practice test under time time limitation. You should make good use of writing samples. This will make you evaluate how much time you can afford on a particular question. Use your own techniques and strategies. All the best for the law exam.

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